Sprocket AI

Sprocket is able to leverage Artificial Intelligence to quickly provide the go-to-market support you need to dramatically improve your company’s pipeline and generate consistent, incremental, and predictable revenue.

GTM Success Model

Profitable Addressable Market

Know exactly the types of companies and customers that your organization should be prioritizing 

Operational Alignment

Quickly adjust and optimize your strategic operational structure across your company to maximize revenue efficiency

Workflow Automation

Implement and improve processes that identify/review emerging revenue opportunities, structural alignment, and drive strategic collaboration 

Ideal Customer Profile
Always know exactly what types of companies your sales and marketing teams should be pursuing from always-on, multi-variate, revenue models
Territory Planning
Quickly adjust and update your target accounts for your GTM teams based on the value-driven ICP data
Build custom rules to speed up the process workflows and account routing processes as you gain feedback from your teams

The Sprocket Concept...

Enabling revenue to change how B2B companies operate

Sprocket was purpose-built after seeing companies time and time again struggle with go-to-market strategies and prioritizing profitability across departments. Investors and executives typically have high expectations and aggressive goals to satisfy when it comes to sales and revenue targets- especially for SMB and Mid-Market sectors. Sprocket is designed to identify gaps and opportunities that will quickly improve your revenue streams.

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